8 thoughts on “ Play It Now (J.T. Electroground) - Martinez - Lets Keep On ”

  1. Stan Lee's master class: lessons in drawing, world-building, storytelling, manga, and digital comics from the legendary co-creator of Spider-man, the Avengers, and the Incredible Hulk.
  2. Let the Music Play Lyrics: We started dancing / And love put us into a groove / As soon as we started to move / The music played / While our bodies / Displayed through the dance / Then love picked.
  3. Hey guys Martinez here and this is my new channel as my old channel, xlMartinezlx, got terminated for false claims. Now unless i get that channel back, i wi.
  4. Rate Trump - Vote now! Advertisement 10 Foot Pole - Toby Keith Play We were 'bout as tight as we could be Cooked peas in a pot, thick as theives Never saw me without her Well, so much for the way things were We blew up, she blew by I ain't seen her.
  5. Tardar Sauce, aka Tard, who's most widely known as Grumpy Cat, is now one of the most recognizable memes, cats and animal celebrities of all. 2 Grumpy Cats That Took the Internet by Storm. The black & white isn't nearly as funny. Pokey, the grumpy cat's sister would play the piano but can't because the music makes Grumpy even more grumpy.
  6. What I’m Working On Right Now Play Just Let Them Play! 09/20/ Sonya terBorg. I watched two TED talks last weekend, both on the theme of “Play”. They both were really interesting, but the second one really got me thinking, especially when Peter Grey spoke of all the skills that children can learn through play.
  7. Two weeks ago, "fergulous" wasn't a word. (This must be why we don't play Scrabble at my house. Fergulous, now suddenly it is a word because it's convenient for you. Fergulous Is Not A Word. Laugh your self out with various memes that we collected around the internet.

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